Horse Boy DVD

My name is Gillian Naysmith and I have just recently taken over the running of ‘The Horse Boy Foundation UK and The Horse Boy Camps UK’.

I have 2 children, my Son, Sam is 5 years old, has Autism and is non-verbal.  This is the reason I became involved with Rupert Isaacson and ‘The Horse Boy’.

Rupert is Author/producer of the book and movie ‘The Horse Boy’ and founder of ‘The Horse Boy Foundation’.    The book and movie tell the story of how Ruperts Autistic Son, Rowan bonded with their neighbours horse ‘Betsy’ and in fact spoke for the first time, at the age of 4, whilst sitting on Betsy’s back – this was the first time he had ever been on a horse.  The family then took a huge adventure and followed Ruperts interest and knowledge of Shamanism to Mongolia, the place where horseback riding first originated and Shamanism is in fact the state religion.  They travelled from Shaman to Shaman on horseback in search of help and healing for Rowan.  The results were incredible.

I now work side by side with Rupert.  We have set up camps for children on the spectrum and their families (see  The camps are a way of getting these families out into nature together whilst benefitting from the therapeutic effects we know horses to have on these kids.  Families also do not have the worries and stress of camping or staying in a hotel with other non-Autism families who may not understand their childs behaviour.  The foundation has been put in place to help fund places for some lower income families to attend camps.

I am selling the DVD of the movie and signed copies of Ruperts books to raise funds for the foundation.  I am the official distributor of the DVD for the UK, Europe, Asia and Africa.  The Movie and the books are available from either my website

or the Horse Boy Camps website


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