Understanding and Managing Challenging Behaviour

2 February 2011 – Ramada Bristol City Hotel, Bristol

Every day, people with autism are expected to cope with the challenges of a world which can often seem bewildering and irrational. This can cause high levels of anxiety and stress, resulting in behaviour that can be difficult for other people to deal with, and creating challenges for professionals involved in education, health and welfare services.This conference features speakers who will discuss the causes of challenging behaviour for people with autism. Hear the latest research from experts in the field and learn from case studies illustrating best practice. With two different seminar streams to choose from, you can select the seminars which are most relevant to your work.

The first seminar stream features expert clinical psychologists and psychiatrists who are renowned in this field. They will discuss the latest thinking around challenging behaviour where people have complex diagnoses, high risk and self-injurious behaviour, as well as how effective care pathways can be established.

Responding effectively to behaviour that can be challenging remains a big concern for professionals working in the care or education sectors. It is important for early intervention and planning to make sure that situations don’t escalate to a point when physical intervention seems the only option. The second seminar stream will discuss proactive and practical strategies to help reduce confrontation by reducing potential triggers, and how to develop an organisational approach to managing challenging behaviours.

This event is a great opportunity to hear and network with acknowledged experts in the field and to gain a wealth of knowledge, engage in debate and exchange new ideas.

Register your place today and take advantage of our early booking rate!


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