SK124 – Understanding the autism spectrum – Open University Course

Autism is a spectrum of conditions characterised by social, communicative, sensory-motor and cognitive difficulties. The social and psychological consequences can be profound. This course provides an accessible introduction to the autistic spectrum, principles and problems of diagnosis, and biological and psychological approaches to explaining underlying causes. Approaches to care, education and therapy, and issues concerning social support, legal rights and well-being of individuals on the autism spectrum are explored. The course is especially relevant to educators, learning support workers and healthcare professionals; parents, siblings, care-givers and able people on the autism spectrum; and all those with an interest in the psychological and health sciences.

Changes to the way higher education in England is funded mean that the OU has set a new fee level for new students in England starting after 1 September 2012. The new fee is £5,000 for a full-time year (120 credits). To put this into context, an undergraduate honours degree is made up of 360 credits (£15,000).

Many of our students study on a module basis, and the price you pay for a module will be proportionate to the standard fee. So, for example, if you study 60 credits a year (50 per cent of a full-time year) you will pay 50 per cent of the standard fee (£2,500). And for 30 credits a year you will pay 25 per cent of the standard fee (£1,250).

If you want to study SK124 – Understanding Autism (15 credits)  you will have to wait until November 2012 when the cost will increase from £250 (2011)  to £625 (2012) for new OU students.


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