Transition questionnaire – Can you help?

Hi all

I realise that many of you are bombarded with questionnaires etc and apologies that we are also asking for something to be filled in!

I am attaching a Questionnaire which we are collecting for a report we have been asked to submit to the National Programme Board for the Adult Autism Strategy Department of Health and Department of Education are taking an interest in this one so we want to have some good evidence to present. Our report is not an NAS report but a Greater Manchester Autism Consortium report ie it’s just taken from people within Greater Manchester.

What we are after, (and yes we are aware of how challenging this question is!) are examples of a good transition between childhood and adulthood for a young person with autism. What we mean by that is a transition that had a positive outcome that met the person with autism’s needs well. We want to try and find out what it was that made that outcome good. Is there something we can pinpoint? If you think that the thing that made it work was you ( family members or an individual with autism) then say so! We are fully expecting that often that secret to a good transition is how much work family members or individuals have to put in but if so lets evidence that. We know that there will be numerous examples of bad transitions but it is because of how common this is we want to try and find out what makes the goods one good.

Thanks in advance for circulating this. People can either complete the version attached or complete on surveymonkey on the link below. This is for adults with autism and family members.

If anyone of you would prefer to go through the questions on the phone or just put thoughts in an email or even face -to-face we would be happy to try and accomodate that.


Mari and Debbie, Project Officers
NAS Greater Manchester Project


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