The Autism Experience Strength & Hope Project – parent-to-parent advice

We are hoping to compile a book of letters from parents of
children with autism to other parents whose child has just
been diagnosed.

Research and talking to parents has shown us that those who have just
received a diagnosis are daunted and scared of the future ahead and
would value hearing from other families further down the road.
Similarly, parents who have gone through the assessment processes and
come out the other side are often keen to share ‘what they wish they’d
known’ in those early days.

By compiling a book of different experiences we hope to convey some of
the hard earned wisdom, strength and hope that only fellow parents can
offer to someone coming to terms with the news that their child has

Debbie Waters, Project Officer
Family Services Development Project

If you would like to contribute to the project please
submit your letters to us at the address below and
try to include what has helped you and your child.
Many thanks

The National Autistic Society
Anglo House, Chapel Road
Manchester M22 4JN
Tel: 0161 998 4667 OR
The Autism Experience
Strength & Hope Project


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