Volunteers with autism spectrum disorder needed for a study of the senses


Volunteers with autism spectrum disorder
needed for a study of the senses
We are looking for people with high functioning autism/
asperger’s syndrome to take part in the above study.

Aged: 18-55
Normal/ corrected to normal vision (Glasses/contacts are O.K)
You will be invited to attend a testing session, which will
last about 3 hours. You will receive £15 for your
participation, plus reasonable travel expenses.

How do people with autism process their senses?

A large proportion of people with autism report abnormalities in how their senses (touch, taste, vision) work. Although differences in how the senses work can have a significant impact on the lives of many people with autism, not very much is know about what causes them. A recent suggestion is that there may be a problem with how the senses work together. I am a 2nd year PhD student from ManchesterUniversity and I am working on a research project that investigates this process. It is hoped that improving understanding of sensory problems in autism will help the development of successful therapies.

 I am currently seeking volunteers 18-55 years old with a diagnosis of aspergers syndrome/ high functioning autism,  with no history of eye conditions (although it is ok to take part if you need to wear glasses) with English as their first language. All studies involve non-invasive, low level stimulation such as light flashes/ non painful vibrations. Volunteers are compensated for their time, and reimbursed travel expenses.

If you are interested in taking part please email me on daniel.poole@manchester.ac.uk, or call on 0161 2752692 for further information.

Thank you

Please contact Daniel Poole for further information. Thank you
Telephone number: 0161 2752692
This project is subject to the ethical guidelines of the University of Manchester


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