Mosses Centre

The Mosses Centre is a large Community Centre situated on the edge of Bury town centre. It is also in the heart of, and serves the community of East Bury.

Activities & Groups

The Mosses Centre has a wide range of activities, groups and services to suit all ages and interests.

Mosses Community Assocition

Mission Statement

The Mosses Association provides an important cornerstone for the community of Bury by running and managing the vibrant and active Mosses Community Centre. Developing and operating community education and social welfare activities and programmes, working in partnership with other statutory, voluntary and community groups and providing facilities for local groups and societies, we provide a valued resource for the people of Bury to improve their education, join in social activities and meet new friends. We are particularly proud of our track record in welcoming and integrating different social groups. Whether young or old, asylum seekers, families, people with special needs, survivors of domestic violence or Asian women’s groups, all are made to feel at home in the Mosses and part of our community. Further information can be found on our web site.

To contact the Centre

Telelphone: 0161 761 2079

Fax: 0161 764 2548


The Mosses Centre,

Cecil Street,



BL9 0SB.

Tel: 0161 761 2079  

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