What is Baps?

The idea for a support group for parents of children within the Autistic spectrum has been around in Bury for a good few years. In December 2001 a public meeting took place and from that meeting BAPS was formed. We are interested in issues affecting people with autism, their carers, relatives and friends, directly or indirectly.

What is it all about?

BAPS aims to ensure that all people with autism are understood, valued and enabled to live happily, allowed to explore their creative potential and enjoy their own interests, to enrich and fulfil their lives. “I want to grow up in a world where I’ll achieve my full potential in areas of personal interest and for satisfaction. A world where I’ll feel wanted, be loved and protected from harm. I want a future without exclusion, with time to enjoy my life.” BAPS believes all those involved with the care of autistic children and adults should receive the help and support they need to continue to do so.

Our Objectives

To ensure that all children/adults within the Autistic spectrum and their carers/parents receive the appropriate help from :

a) The Local Education and Health Providers.

b) The Local Council.

c) The State and it’s Emanations.

To monitor local and national government services so that correct provision is being provided.

To continue to raise public and professional awareness of autistic spectrum conditions.

To provide information on ways of coping with life’s challenges.

To encourage and value a life of happy self fulfillment with time to enjoy and appreciate whatever pleasure can be gained from existence.


How Can We Help ?

We aim to provide news and information on the latest developments which will affect anyone connected with autism for children, adults, parents, carers, relatives and professionals.





Please try both numbers and leave a message and we will get back to you.

Please state if the call is urgent and some details of your problem/query.


Mari Saeki
The National Autistic Society
Anglo House
Chapel Road
Manchester M22 4JN
Tel: +44 (0)161 998 4667


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